UK Royal Air Force VOLMET

St. Eval, Military One
5450 kHz USB

General information

I had initially wanted to find The Pip, but because I was unable to hear anything I scoured the nearby frequencies to see if there was anything interesting to find; and lo-and-behold, there actually was! Upon doing some googling, I discovered that it seems to be the VOLMET (Weather information broadcasts for aircraft) of the RAF in St. Eval. I was surprised at the rather good reception quality and decided to record a few minutes of it. It was received at my apartment in Bielefeld, Germany, on the 4th of March 2020 at around 20:00 on the third floor using my XHDATA D-808; the recording was made by connecting the D-808 to my laptop and using Audacity to record its output.

Contents of the broadcast

The information that these types of transmissions broadcast is quite similar to the ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) transmissions of most airports. It contains information about location, wind speed (generally provided in knots), wind direction (in degrees), temperature (in Celcius), dew point (in Celcius), visibilty (in km, visibilty over 10 km is simply called '10 kilometres or more'), cloud cover and QNH (air pressure adjusted to mean sea level). As this is a transmission by the RAF, the information for several different locations are given — whereas regular ATIS transmission just cover the information of the airport they are transmitted from.

Complete audio recording with noise reduction

This is an mp3 recording of approximately eight minutes of the VOLMET broadcast; the reception quality was unfortunately somewhat unstable, so it may become louder / quiter every so often. The original recording had quite a lot of noise, which I have tried to reduce somewhat using Audacity's in-built noise reduction function.

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