Welcome to the world of DXing!

Hello and welcome to the radio page! As you may already know, on here you will find a lot of information regarding all sorts of electromagnetic waves that are bouncing around in the aether. I mostly focus on shortwave, medium wave and, albeit very rarely, longwave. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be mostly dead in Europe and I find it very difficult to receive anything. I also like listening to FM broadcasts from different regions when travelling and I also thoroughly enjoy listening to air traffic communications from time to time. My most favourite past-time is listening to shortwave broadcasts, however.
I mostly listen to international radio stations but, more infrequently, I also listen to other amateur radio operators or try to find strange but interesting signals (such as The Buzzer or some number station).
Down below you will find a few links that will take you to sites containing more information about my equipment, what stations I listen to and more.

My equipment

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Interesting signals (and recordings)

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