Eestikeelne Veebisait

Eestikeelne Veebisait, which is Estonian for 'Estonian website', is a webpage I created a while ago whilst I was learning the language. I was unable to find any good resources for learning it, especially in German, and thus decided to put everything I had thus far learnt about the language into a website.

Jeiios New / Kwarna

This website is one that I had initially created for my conlang 'Jeiios' with a forum and everything. Later, it developed into a site more concentrated on a different language I made, Kwarna. Unfortunately, it's been somewhat broken and the majority of things don't work anymore; however, accessing the documents on my languages still works.

Jeiios Old

This is the very first website I had made for my Jeiios conlang; it includes news, translators and loads of other stuff. I had used this website until mid-2015, when I switched over to the new design above.


There was a time where I thought I was going to become a game developer and because of that, I had created my own website to show people my (non-existant) 'skills'. This webpage contains some information about me, the games I've made — and some of the other programs I've made as well — and some other stuff.


This is basically the older version of my pcurrent website; it contains a lot less information, but has a few things about libre software on it that I think might be interesting.

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