The stela of Nebipusenwosret (BM EA 101)


The stela of Nebipusenwosret (BM EA 101)

dwA Asir m Hpw=f nfrw Dt r nHH

Praising Osiris during his wonderful festivals, enduringly and repeatedly.

ptr nfrw

Viewing the splendour

nTr nfr xA-kAw-ra maA xrw

(of) the good god Khakaure, the justified

wnn-nfr nb AbDw mry

loved (by) Wennefer, lord of Abydos

wp-wAwt nb tA Dsr mry

(and) loved (of) Wepwawet, lord of the sacred land.

dwA wp-wAwt m prt=f nfrt Dt r nHH

Praising Wepwawet during his great procession, enduringly and repeatedly

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