The Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum in Hildesheim is the only Ancient Egyptian museum close enough to my hometown for me to be able to visit it on a regular basis. It has a large number of stelae, sarcophagi and monuments, many of which also have inscriptions on them. On this page you will therefore be able to look at inscriptions from various items in the museum. I will add the individual inventory numbers when they're known to me.


  • Egyptian Star Clock (Kastensarg des Nacht, Sarcophagus of Nakht), item number PM 5999
  • PM 5999, also known as the Kastensarg des Nacht (Sarcophagus of Nakht), is a well-preserved sarcophagus that also functioned as a star calendar / clock. For more information about star calendars, please view this extract from my book.

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