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Welcome in peace, my friends!

Hello and welcome to the Egyptian part of my website! On here you will, for the most part, find hieroglyphic texts that I have copied or other documents that I have created either recently or some time ago. Most of the documents and pages you will find on this website will be about the language of Ancient Egypt; if you wish to visit a different part of my website, click the 'Back to start' button in the header. Please note that not all hieroglyphic texts present on this website will have a translation and / or transliteration underneath them. Most of them will, however, have the Manuel de Codage style transcription added underneath. For displaying hieroglyphic text on this website, I mainly use an old version WikiHiero (which is also used on Wiktionary); I have, however, made a couple of additions to the hieroglyphic library since WikiHiero, especially the older version, is missing a large number of more obscure hieroglyphic signs (such as R10F and O70).

You will also find a number of photographs that I have taken of various stelae or sarcophagi, mostly in the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum in the German city of Hildesheim.

If you want to find out more about myself, you can look at the About page.

My book: The Intricacies of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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