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Welcome in peace, my friends!

Hello and welcome to the Egyptian part of my website! On here you will, for the most part, find hieroglyphic texts that I have copied or other documents that I have created either recently or some time ago. Most of the documents and pages you will find on this website will be about the language of Ancient Egypt; if you wish to visit a different part of my website, click the 'Back to start' button in the header. Please note that not all hieroglyphic texts present on this website will have a translation and / or transliteration underneath them. Most of them will, however, have the Manuel de Codage style transcription added underneath. For displaying hieroglyphic text on this website, I mainly use an old version WikiHiero (which is also used on Wiktionary); I have, however, made a couple of additions to the hieroglyphic library since WikiHiero, especially the older version, is missing a large number of more obscure hieroglyphic signs (such as R10F and O70).

You will also find a number of photographs that I have taken of various stelae or sarcophagi, mostly in the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum in the German city of Hildesheim.

I also welcome you to visit my blog BabbleOn (which is also a wordplay on "Babylon" because… why not?) where you will find posts about languages, technology and other things. As the name would suggest, most of my posts will involve me babbling on about various topics and while language and technology will probably be the major parts of this blog, it has no central theme and you will find posts on there that are not related to either languages or technology.

If you want to find out more about myself, you can look at the About page.

My book: The Intricacies of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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