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Update 07.05.2020, pre-print v. 1: The first pre-print has been ordered and should arrive soon! Please visit my blog for further information!

Update 01.05.2020, First release: The time has finally arrived, for now you can finally read my book! For more information, please see this link for further information.

Update 13.03.2020: Work on the book has mostly been finished now, I mainly have to finish the "Grammar" section now and from then on, it will be mostly about proof-reading instead of actually writing new chapters. Additionally, I have decided to scrap the idea of using a CC license and instead opted to use the GNU FDL (GNU Free Documentation License). The statements I made further down at this page still hold true, however; you will be able to freely download an ODT file of this book which can then be easily made into an epub or PDF. However, I have decided against selling physical copies of this book in bookstore; instead, if you wish to receive a physical copy of the book, you will have to send me an email (and I may create an online store as well). More information regarding this will be released once the book has actually been finished

The Intricacies of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics is the book I am currently working on. Its main goal is to enable people who are complete beginners with little to no linguistic background to understand the basics of the Ancient Egyptian language. To do so, I will be avoiding difficult lingustic terms and explain terms that cannot be avoided.
The book starts with a short history lesson, wherein you will learn about the people who were the first to decipher the hieroglyphs; it then continues by teaching the writing system and we then immediately start diving right into reading actual texts written thousands of years ago. Grammar, vocabulary and unknown glyphs are explained and learned as they are needed. There will also be a number of exercises that will help you put your newly acquired knowledge to the test; solutions to them can be found at the end of the book.
Since I am an advocate for free access to knowledge for everyone, the book will be made available under a Creative Commons license (not allowing commercial usage) and the original ODT file (an open and free text document format, similar to Microsoft's DOCX; but not proprietary) will be accesible through my website for free. This file can then be used to format the book into a PDF or epub. Physical copies of the book will be sold in bookstores.
As I am unable to work on the book full-time (at most a couple of hours per week), there is no projected release date. My goal, however, is to finish the book by the end of 2019 so that I will then be able to proof-read, make some corrections and hopefully get it published soon afterwards. I am hoping to get the book up to around 150 pages (which should be easily doable, as I am already at nearly 100).
If you wish you receive a copy of the book, you can request one by sending me an email; for more information about how to contact me, please take a look at the contact page. I do not guarantee that you will receive one, however, as I generally do not hand out works that I have not yet finished. If you wish to request a small overview of the book and perhaps a few samples, I will almost certainly provide those. I will also provide you with updates on how the book is coming along, but I would advise you to check out my blog (BabbleOn) before sending me an e-mail, as I post a lot of information on my book on there.
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