John’s Revelation — A Modern Annotated Translation

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The Revelation of John (or Apocalypse) is one of the most fascinating books of the entire New Testament; it is filled to the brim with colourful and powerful imagery and is as suspenseful as any modern story about the end of the world. This new and modern translation aims to turn the Revelation into a novel closely following the original scripture. Inline notes and comments ensure that the reader understands the context of a passage all the while clearly marking which parts of the translation are the translator’s comments and suggestions. This way, the book can be read either more fluently or, if so desired, in a more literal translation. It is perfect for those who have yet to start studying the Bible and wish to start by reading the most interesting book the Bible has to offer.

Information about the book

As you are surely aware, I published my first translation — the one which included the original text and illustrations after every chapter — of John’s Revelation (or Apocalypse) in the summer of last year. I had planned on selling it internationally, as my publisher was offering at the time, but was surprised to find out that international distribution was only offered for paperbacks. Additionally, the book’s rather steep price of €25.99 must have surely deterred many people from buying it.

Therefore, it has been my plan to publish a cheaper — and more mass-market — version of my book for some time now; and this has now finally been done. This new English-only edition features a completely overhauled and modern design and a much lower price of only €9.99. I sincerely hope that this will ensure that a larger number of people will be able to afford the book and thus have the chance to read my translation.

The new design and typesetting has been created to ensure that the book look and feel is more akin to that of a contemporary novel; I have, therefore, also decided to leave out line and verse numbers entirely. I want people to read this translation as if it were just another contemporary novel, albeit one with is, at times, somewhat strangely worded.