The Intricacies of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglpyhics

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The language spoken by the Ancient Egyptians is a very mystical language indeed. Spoken by a culture as old to the Romans as they are to us — it seems impossible for us to decipher these mysterious symbols and understand the words uttered by the kings of yore; yet, in this book, you will be learning the very basics of this language using real-world texts and for those wishing to delve even deeper into the culture behind this fascinating language, the two additional chapters on date-keeping and the Westcar Papyrus will provide you with further insight.

Information about the book

This is the first book I have ever published. I started working on it in late 2018 and finally published in in March 2020, shortly after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It describes how to read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in a way so that even people who are not linguists can pick up the book and know the basics of this writing system in a rather short period of time. I am planning on re-publishing it using my current publisher some time soon so that it can be made available internationally as well.

Obtaining your copy

At present, there are merely two ways of obtaining your own copy; you can either download the PDF from this website or get the book using its ISBN. The latter may, however, prove difficult. I am planning on re-publishing this book but under a different publisher so that it can be distributed internationally as well.