General information

Hello there! My name is Marvin, I am twenty-odd years old and live in Germany. My particular interests revolve around technology and language, especially older ones — this applies to both the technology and language aspect. I have always found the somewhat dated things more interesting; they have more of a personality than newer things to do me, for some reason. The latter is also why I like studying ancient languages such as Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek, information about which can be found on this website. I don't have any scholarly background, though, and am currently trying to finish my apparenticeship as an IT-Systemelektroniker (IT systems technician) at a company in Bielefeld, Germany.
I am also somewhat of a minimalist and that, combined with the fact that I like more dated things, should explain this website's rather old, minimalist and — some would say — ugly design; yet I prefer things that are more minimalist and simply functional, rather than something overly bloated when it has no right to be.

This website mainly centers around my learning Ancient / Attic Greek (and formerly Ancient Egyptian) but also has a few other pages containing information regarding some of my other, but less regularly attended to, hobbies. The most frequently updated page will, therefore, be the one on Ancient Greek. The Ancient Egyptian part is basically abandonware at this point as it will not be affected by any overall website changes (as, for example, the August 2020 redesign).

What do I do in my free-time?

Personally, one of the main things I spend my time on in my free-time is learning more about languages and, at present, I am focussing primarily on Attic / Koine Greek. I know a variety of scripts and have learnt a large number of languages over the course of my life; I have not, however, learnt enough of these languages to have an actual conversation and thus, the only languages I can actually speak are German, English and Swedish. I also enjoy travelling very much, even though I have not visited that many countries or places yet because of lack of money.
Besides the language and travelling stuff, I also enjoy trying out new types of coffee, tea, wine, whisky (true whisky is spelt without an e!) and beer which is often accompanied by me reading a book or just listening to music (Klaus Schulze, Neuronium, Tangerine Dream, Эдуард Артемьев, 冨田 勲 — you get the picture, a lot of perhaps more ambient electronic music — and just a lot of 70s and 80s in general (I especially enjoy Japanese 70s). I also highly enjoy a lot of classical music — Beethoven and Vivaldi being one of my favourites — and I also think a lot of Vapourwave is rather nice.
I also thoroughly enjoy HF radio and do quite a bit of shortwave, medium wave and longwave DXing in my free-time as well and programming is also a thing I enjoy doing from time to time. The majority of my programming projects can be found on my Gitlab page.

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